The Objectivist Forum

Also by Harry Binswanger

How We Know: Epistemology on an Objectivist Foundation

The Objectivist Forum was a 16-page, bimonthly journal of ideas published from February 1980 through December 1987.

Ayn Rand helped establish this journal and served as its philosophic consultant until her death in 1982. Harry Binswanger was Editor; Leonard Peikoff served as Consulting Editor.

This single bound volume contains all 48 issues of The Objectivist Forum, plus an extensive index—790 pages in all.

This collection contains 16 articles by Ayn Rand, of which the following are not reprinted in any anthology: 

  • To the Readers of The Objectivist Forum
    Ayn Rand's introduction of The Objectivist Forum to her readers
  • Interview with Ayn Rand
    An interview on cultural-political topics, (reprinted from The Atlanta Constitution)
  • The Age of Mediocrity
    The Reagan Administration and the religious Right as an intellectual disaster (1981 Ford Hall Forum speech)
  • Speech to Architects
    Why architects should champion freedom, individualism, and selfishness (delivered to a group of architects shortly after the publication of The Fountainhead)

Plus: articles not reprinted elsewhere by: Leonard Peikoff, Harry Binswanger, John Ridpath, Edwin Locke, and Michael Berliner.