How do I find my password? I don’t want to reset it.
Sorry, because the system encrypts the passwords, it can only reset them. Click here to reset your password using the automated system. (Alternately, you can have us manually reset your password to whatever you want. Just email us the new password. This could take a day.)

I renewed but I still can’t login–it says “expired.” What do I do?
Please email us. There is likely a problem completing your registration, and we will fix it for you.

How do I update my credit card?
Ask us to send you the link from the cart to update online. Please do not send any credit card information by email. Just ask us to send the link by emailing:

How do I cancel my subscription?
Go to the Profile page and scroll down to “Cancellation.”

How do I pay for a year in advance?
Please see the payment page for information on paying.

What is the publication schedule?
Posts to the Member Forum go up immediately, without moderation (inappropriate posts that are called to our attention are removed). Posts selected for emailing to the whole membership normally go out 4 or 5 days per week.

How long will posts be available on the site?
Indefinitely. There are no plans to remove posts from the site.

Are there restrictions on who is allowed to join HBL?
Not per se. HBL is primarily for Objectivists. Full agreement with Objectivism is not required, but we do require that members have a serious interest in and respect for the work of Ayn Rand. We do not permit posts on the forum that attack her or sanction her enemies. Anarchists are not welcome. We reserve the right to cancel anyone’s posting privileges or membership at our discretion.

Can I share a subscription with other members of my household?
Yes, but it’s a manual process for us, so you need to email us at so we can arrange to send posts to two different addresses.

What are the other rules for sharing or forwarding posts?
Since we are charging for membership, we have to put limits on the forwarding of HBL posts:

  1. Under the “Fair Use” provision of the copyright law, you can quote a couple of paragraphs without permission. We encourage that as publicity for HBL. Please give a link to our home page ( and credit the post’s author.
  2. Forwarding a post that you wrote: it’s your intellectual property to use as you please (but other people’s quoted statements should be excised unless you get the author’s permission). Please give a link to our home page (
  3. Forwarding posts written by HB or others: You may forward up to 3 individual posts, or digests, to 3 individuals per month. If you want to forward more than 3 posts in one 30-day period (not counting those you wrote) simply email support and ask that the post to be forwarded to so-and-so at such-and-such email address. Within reason, we’ll do that.
  4. Forwarding HB’s posts to a blog or website: We normally grant permission, since it promotes HBL. Email us for permission and to get the attribution wording.

How does HBL avoid spreading viruses and other malware with posts that are emailed?
We never send any attachments with HBL posts. We do send images, but these come embedded in the body of the post, not as attachments. So, for your protection, never open any attachment that claims to be coming from HBL—it isn’t, and it is probably malware.

How do I upload an image with my post?
After you click on the Reply or the Start New Post button you will get an Ad Reply or Add Topic window. Click on the blue Upload an Image button and then you can either drag and drop files or click on the Add Files button to browse your computer for files.

What is your privacy policy?

  • We do not give out, rent, or sell your email address or your contact information.
  • By the same token, HBL members are not permitted to cull email addresses from posts for their own group-mailings.
  • There is no list of HBL members available to members. If you never post to the Member Forum, no one will know you are on HBL. You will be anonymous.
  • If you post to the Member Forum, your email address will be available to readers.

How do I add my photo, change my email address, etc?
Go to the profile page. Note: You must be logged in to change your profile.

What is TOF Publications?
TOF Publications, Inc. is the name Harry Binswanger gave to the corporation formed in 1979 to publish The Objectivist Forum. TOF now also embraces HBL and other activities, including Thinking Directions, Jean Moroney Binswanger’s business.


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