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By Harry Binswanger:

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“The Biological Basis of Teleological Concepts”

What is a goal-directed action? Are non-conscious, “vegetative” actions goal-directed? Can machines act goal-directedly? The answers to these and related questions emerge from integrating Darwin’s principle of Natural Selection with Ayn Rand’s identification that the concept of “value” depends on the concept of “life.”

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“The Constitution and States’ Rights”

Why—contrary to the claims of conservatives—the Supreme Court does have the authority to overturn any state law that violates individual rights.

A PDF reprinted, from The Objectivist Forum


“The Possible Dream”

A rational, non-Platonic concept of “perfection.”

A PDF reprinted, from The Objectivist Forum.


How We Know: Epistemology on an Objectivist Foundation

How We Know Cover

Bound Volume of The Objectivist Forum

The Objectivist Forum

The Objectivist Forum is a 16-page, bimonthly journal of ideas published from February 1980 through December 1987. Ayn Rand helped establish this journal and served as its philosophic consultant until her death in 1982. Harry Binswanger was Editor; Leonard Peikoff served as Consulting Editor. The 48 issues have been reprinted in a bound edition. Read more and purchase here.

The Thinker’s Toolkit
by Jean Moroney Binswanger

The Thinker's Toolkit

The Thinker’s Toolkit explains the mental tools you need to solve problems faster, understand emotions, and make better decisions.

These time-tested tactics come with some material support: a 4-color pen, a thinking notebook, and a “mental cleanup” pad.

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Tap Your Own Brilliance
by Jean Moroney Binswanger

Tap Your Own Brilliance

You already know what you need to know to complete most of the complex items on your To Do list. There’s just one problem. You can’t always access the information when you need it.

We’ve all felt stuck in our thinking at times — though you may have called it “procrastinating” or “bogging down” or “going in circles.”  A few basic tools can slay these dragons.

If you want to speed up the process, and learn to access what you already know when you need it, you can learn how in my 4-session course, Tap Your Own Brilliance. This class presents the core tool set you need to pull helpful information out of your own brain, and use it to solve problems faster, make better decisions, and communicate more effectively.

Plus:  your purchase of Tap Your Own Brilliance includes a 3 month trial subscription in the Thinking Lab

Read more about Tap Your Own Brilliance here.

The Thinking Lab
By Jean Moroney Binswanger

The Thinking Lab is a membership program for ambitious people who believe their own mental efficacy is critical to help them rise to new challenges. The Thinking Lab now includes access to Tap Your Own Brilliance, Smarter Execution, Just-in-Time Planning, The Non-Fiction Writing Course, and others. Read all about the Thinking Lab here.