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09-11-2023 Harry Binswanger Neither infallible nor omniscient
08-14-2023 Harry Binswanger Economic ignorance in WSJ reporting
07-10-2023 Harry Binswanger Saving Math from Plato
06-20-2023 Harry Binswanger Government coining or guaranteeing money is initiated force
05-12-2023 Harry Binswanger Not entirely inductive
04-11-2023 Harry Binswanger Choice is Choice
03-29-2023 Harry Binswanger My teaching for ARU
03-14-2023 Harry Binswanger The real answer to monopoly – It’s none of the usual ones
02-10-2023 Harry Binswanger Not a good way to argue
01-11-2023 Harry Binswanger How does context-holding work?
12-12-2022 Harry Binswanger Hatred of Big Pharma
11-10-2022 Harry Binswanger A new fundamental subchoice
10-10-2022 Harry Binswanger Step aside, Plato
09-15-2022 Harry Binswanger Why I’m not a Republican
08-15-2022 Harry Binswanger Sensational new book
07-11-2022 Harry Binswanger Inflation: What people don’t understand
06-13-2022 Harry Binswanger A new proposal on gun-danger
05-10-2022 Harry Binswanger You can’t eat gold, but . . .
04-15-2022 Harry Binswanger 16 years of wrong Gore
03-14-2022 Harry Binswanger Words speak louder than actions
02-17-2022 Harry Binswanger Interview with Peter Schwartz on “The Tyranny of Need”
02-11-2022 Harry Binswanger Delegated rights are not surrendered
01-12-2022 Harry Binswanger A humble moment of pride
12-16-2021 Harry Binswanger Biden talks with the dictator
11-09-2021 Harry Binswanger Values as threats
Thresholds 10-12-2021
Vaccine skepticism is arbitrary 09-08-2021
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Identity and Motion 02-22-2021
Pandemic Post Mortem 02-16-2021
Slavery did not benefit “whites” 07-04-2020
COVID: New interview with Dr. Adalja 05-15-2020
The cracked economics of government “help” 05-01-2020
Corona virus interview: Dr. Amesh Adalja 03-05-2020
Objectivist Workshop Participants Identified 01-20-2020
All trade deals are bad deals 10-09-2019
What is national sovereignty? 11-06-2018
The FDA is the Federal Death Agency 09-04-2018
A “conservative” calls for a pope and a king 01-11-2018
John Hospers’ Betrayal of Ayn Rand–An Eyewitness Report 11-21-2017
John Henry, a steel drivin’ man–and a Luddite 10-21-2017
Blindness to the power of ideas 10-28-2016
Why not to vote Libertarian 09-27-2016
Ayn Rand’s Philosophic Achievement 08-30-2016
“Who Needs the Fed?”–John Tamny’s new book 07-24-2016
In praise of gold: you can’t eat it, but it fulfills a spiritual need 07-24-2016
Contra Trump 06-06-2016
How Ayn Rand’s Philosophy Can Rescue Hayek’s Economics 04-19-2016
Identity and Motion 01-09-2016
Obama to Americans: You Don’t Deserve to be Free 10-05-2015