Border crisis?

How many years, or how many decades are the Fox newscasters going to refer to the “crisis” on our borders? I guess as long as there’s a fear of foreigners to cater to.

There can’t be a “crisis” that goes on for at least 10 years, as this one has (in 2014, a “crisis” was officially declared by government).

One site breathlessly reports that 169 people on terrorist watch lists were spotted and/or apprehended. The same site reports 3.1 million “encounters.” But the two facts are not put together: 169 of the “encounters” is 1 in 20,000.

So, conservatives want to stifle the lives of 19,999 people to block entry to 1 person on a terrorist watch list.

The answer to terrorism is not retreating to a bunker. It is moral certainty in the rightness of America combined with decisive, overwhelming military action against the states that sponsor terrorism.

Criminals? I have pointed out that this issue is bogus. If they have been convicted in their native countries, they are in jail there. If they are ex-cons, they should be accorded the same rights as native born ex-cons. Only prison escapees are criminals whom we could screen for. And how many prison-escapees show up at our border per year? Two?

As to crimes committed by immigrants, the answer is the same as for terrorism: moral certainty and more/better retaliatory force, which means in this case: policing. Even more effective than better policing would be repeal of the drug laws. That would cut crime in half or more than in half.

The only crisis on our border is the outrageous refusal to recognize that “All men are created equal, endowed . . . with certain unalienable rights, that among these are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

P.S. The cry to “secure” our border is senseless. We are not under attack. We are not even threatened. Unless you count the threat from the professors at our universities.

It’s a little arch and very gruesome to express worries about incoming South Americans when none of the  three university presidents testifying before Congress could bring themselves to say that calling for the mass murder of Jews is against school policy.

We need to secure America against the Kantian professorship, not foreigners seeking a better life here.